Finishing Equipment

ShapeCut 4 ft Vinyl Cutting Plotter

• Comes with 30, 45 and 60 degree knifes

• Australian make Croc- Cut Design and quality guidelines

• Heavy metal body, Aluminum Gantry designed and extruded in Taiwan with high accuracy in length, eliminating Cutting in-accuracy issues during long cuts

• Japanese pinch rollers and grit rollers are used

• 2 ft cutter has 4 and 4 ft cutter has 5 pinch rollers compared helping in better media grip, especially in long length cutting

• Bundled with Worlds best Design & Cutting Software VinylMaster Pro. Works on Barcode system as well

ShapeCut Sheet Cutter

• Cuts paper up to 480 x 330 mm and accurately positions the paper

• Feeds 80-100 sheets

• Maximum contact pressure of up to 750g

• Cutting speeds up to 960mm/ sec

• Ideal for Copy shops, product labels and office applications

• Comes with VinylMaster Pro cutting software

ShapeCut Flatbed Cutting Plotter

• Cutters available in multiple sizes 13x19, 18x24, 23.9x35 and 30x42(with stand)

• Cut and crease to any shape without dies

• Cuts film, cardboard, stickers, plastic boards, reflectives and thin film, kraft paper, rubber sheet etc. up to 450 gsm

• Cutting speeds of 1 linear meter in 1.4 secs

• Comes with VinylMaster Pro cutting software

ShapeCut Autoloader Sheet Cutter
Cutting and Creasing with Autoloader

• Cut and crease 13x19 sized paper, film and cardboards up to 360 gsm

• Feeds 80-100 sheets

• Comes with double tool holders, Position sensed with CCD camera

• Cutting speeds up to 960mm/ sec

• Ideal for Die cut stickers, visiting cards, boxes and Tent Cards

• Comes with VinylMaster Pro cutting software

Royal Sovereign Perfect Roller Hot and Cold Laminator

• 5 ft Roll Laminator from Royal Sovereign- USA

• Malaysian made high density Silicon Rollers

• 5 mm hard silicon rubber enrobed Heavy metal drum

• Auto stepless speed regulation and foot controlled lamination speeds of up to 15 mtr/ min

• Can use Lamination film without release paper increasing profitability

• Heating up to 60 degrees, Built in three micro adjustable cutting blades

• No oil based hydraulics and saves on recurring oil and service costs

Royal Sovereign High-Capacity Roll Laminator RSH-380SL

• 15" wide tabletop high capacity thermal roll laminator

• Large film roll capacity (up to 7.9" diameter)

• De-curling device for high quality laminating

• Double and single (OPP film) laminating function

• Laminates thermal films up to 15” wide

• Fast laminating speeds of up to 14.8’ per minute

• Digital controls with 9 speed settings

• Silicone rubber hot rollers help deliver the perfect finish

• Simple set-up with one button operation

• Auto-grip core hubs for fast and easy roll changes

Royal Sovereign Thermal and Cold Pressure Sensitive Roll Laminator RSL-2702S

• 27” laminating width for wide format laminating

• Independent upper and lower roller temperature controls

• Compact design for Tabletop operation

• Digital speed and temperature controls

• Reverse button for removing jams

• Easy load film supply shafts

• De-Curling Bar to ensure quality lamination

• High quality silicone rubber rollers

• 9 programmable memory presets

• Includes document guides and dust cover

• Rear cross cutter