Skytek2200 Hybrid UV Printer

Choice of Ricoh Gen5 and Seiko SPT heads

• Air suction platform and mesh belt • 18 cms of fine milling on beam and static double linear guide

• Chip controlled negative pressure ink supply and white colour independent display

• Controllable temperature difference, built in thermostat for large ink supply bottle

• High sensitivity anti-collision and altimetry

• One power bus and explosion proof industrial socket

• Print speeds range 47 to 90 sq mt/hr

• Upto 12 PH, 4/6 colours, 6/7 pl and 1440 dpi resolution

• Carries weight upto 60 kg and max media size 2100 mm

Skytek 2513 Flatbed UV Printer

Diverse printhead permutation modes

• CMYK/CMYK+W+V/CMYK, LCLM+W+V. Supports 8 spot colours- CMYK+W+CMYK/ 2 rows/ 4 rows- custom solutions

• Adopts Ricoh Gen5/6/5i PH, Head plate can be arranged in 4 rows

• Bearing weight 120kg, 125 mm media thickness

• Plasma electrostatic eliminator, automatic carriage lift and height measurement

• Print speeds range 7 to 22 sq mt/hr

Skytek Light 3200 UV Printer

Entry level KMI Atom series model

• CMYK+W, CMYKLcLm, 2(CMYK), KMI Atom series 4-8 PH

• Separate negative pressure control on white and colours

• Automatic purging, white ink stirring

• Dual LED lamps

• Water cooling platform

• Print speeds range 35 to 70 sq mt/hr , 2160 dpi resolution

BIGPRINTER Industrial UV Flatbed Printers

• BIGJET UV 2031iDS & 2031iPS are Standard and Professional series of wide-format UV flatbeds

• Comes with 6 pl size and 28 to 39 sqmt/hr speed.

• Ideal for printing small fonts and images.

• Curing system UV lamp or High-intensity powerful UV-LED can be chosen

• For Standard series the main advantage is the relationship between economy and quality. The machine is completely welded, which allows stability and a more accurate impression.

• For Professional series the main advantages are photographic print quality, high-speed printing, as well as accurate color transmission. It has better print quality and better ink curation.

BigJet UV RTR iP3307M

BIGPRINTER High-end UV roll-to-roll Printer

High end 3.2 mt wide roll to roll UV inkjet printer that offers surpassing print quality.

BIGZEE Industrial CNC routers

BIGZEE GL and PRO series are the best-selling CNC Router Machines for high precision milling.

A wide range of applications are possible which include Cabinet Making, Sign Making in wood, plastic, bronze, aluminum, foam and other materials, Furniture Making, Architectural Millwork, Wood Carving, Aluminum Machining, Plastic Sheet Machining, Prototyping & Modeling and Musical Instruments.

BIGZEE Multifunctional flatbed cutter

BIGZEE cutter PR is an entry level digital cutting system BIGZEE cutter HS is a professional versatile digital cutting system.

From routing acrylic and Dibond to cutting and trimming foam board, vinyl, styrene and rubber the cutter can do it all